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PDX Pets forum was created to bring the Portland (and surrounding areas) community together in order to better the lives of animals and their companions. We are a regulated community, and we strive to provide a mature and civilized forum of animal lovers.

In an effort to support this standard, we ask that all members review our general rules prior to posting, and that you please respect the community.

No Breeding Advertisements
Many people are interested in pure bred animals, however, too many animals are already living and breathing on the streets and in shelters. In an effort to save as many furry friends who are waiting for their forever families, we do not allow advertisements for stud services, pure-breed waiting-lists, or other breeding services. Any ad found in the forums will be removed if these rules are violated.


It is OK to re-home and adopt pure bred animals in our forum, provided the adoption fee is within the guidelines set forth in the adoption forums. Papers are considered a luxury, and may be sold as a separate accessory for the animal, but purchase of the paperwork must be OPTIONAL. You may NOT create posts REQUIRING adopters to purchase the paperwork in order to adopt the animal.

Common Courtesy

We expect civilized behavior from the members of our community. Flooding, excessive debate, hostile posts, and extreme language will not be permitted. Please be respectful and use common sense.


As with all online services, posting of your own personal information is AT YOUR OWN RISK. The moderators, admin, and creators of the free forum service are IN NO WAY liable for any distribution of any personal information, regardless of the intention of the original poster. Distribution of personal information belonging to any person other than yourself is not permitted, including (but not limited to) phone numbers, addresses, e-mail addresses, full names, and places of business. Avoid scams from both posters & respondents! Don't ever accept payment (or give payment) via wire transfer, cashier's check, or money order. Don't give out ANY financial information. Only meet with other members of the community IN PUBLIC PLACES. Do NOT adopt from ANYONE who wants to ship an animal to you - these are almost always scams, and we do not condone animals being flown!

Illegal Dealings Prohibited

You may not advertise illegal activity of any kind, especially in regard to animal adoption. You may not post an animal for adoption if it is illegal to own or harbor that animal in Oregon or Washington state. You also may not place any animal for adoption if it is illegal to sell or breed that animal in Oregon or Washington state. If you are looking to adopt an animal, it is YOUR responsibility to know the laws for the state, county, and city you live in. Be very cautious prior to adopting any exotic or non-domesticated breed or species, and do thorough research on the legality, and efforts involved prior to adoption.


As the community grows, forum moderators will be appointed to assist with governing our threads. Members of the community may apply for Moderator privileges. In order to be considered for the position, the applicant must have held ACTIVE membership within the forums for a minimum of one month, and must have demonstrated respectful mediation within the forum. Moderators will be expected to use discretion when overseeing their appointed forum, and to use their best judgment. In the event that a moderator shows abuse of their privilege, their authority in the forum will be revoked.


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